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We stand for the high-quality and well-tailored clothing that will please for more than one season.

In addition, this service benefits not only our customers, but also the environment. After all, the less we produce, the healthier our planet is. 


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For example, you bought a blazer from us. It has become the most favorite and you wear it without taking it off.


Over the time, you noticed that the lining is a little worn out. No need to throw away your favorite jacket, in this case we are there for you.

Contact us in the most convenient way for you: Direct / WhatsApp / chat box on the website and let us know what happened to your item so we could give it a new life.

- The cost of repairs is calculated individually, depending on the damage. If it's insignificant, the service is free of charge;

- All the logistics, including delivery to our workshop and back, is carried out at the customer's expense;

- The repair period is 3-7 business days, from the moment of receipt of the item.


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