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Now you don't have to choose from what is left — customize to your taste. Not only you can remove, add or replace any detail but also play with color combinations.

The service was made in order to give you the opportunity to buy exactly what you've been looking for. May every piece become beloved one, not just fashionable.


Contact us in the most convenient way: Direct / WhatsApp / chat box on the website and let us know you want a custom tailoring. You will get a personal assistant.

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Send the assistant photo or name of the item you like and describe what exactly you want to change, remove o replace. Based on the selected item we might need certain measurements.

After all the details have been approved, place and pay for the order as a standard purchase. Please indicate customization and the number that we will assign you in the "Comment" field at check out.


Just book a video call - we will show you online all the combinations of fabrics, details or advice any issue you might have. Click on the envelope to write to us and agree on a specific date. We are here to help you in everything.

- The cost for the service is calculated individually. Depending on the changes, the price may not change;

- Discounts and special offers do not apply to custom made orders;

- Individual order is not subject to return or exchange as the item is sewn to your specific measurements;

- The production time for individual orders is 3-10 business days, depending on production load;



You can completely change the color of the item/suit you like. Below you will find the actual color palette where you can choose replacement fabric for your beloved piece. You can combine several colors as well.

Please note: the service does not apply to the items from Special Price category.

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