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Let's get to know each other closer. My name is Ksenia — I am the founder and designer of the KSENIA KAMS brand. It's very important so that you understand our philosophy, vision and approach to what we create. Therefore, I want to share my story. Hope you find it interesting.

Since early childhood I have been fond of fashion and art. I was fascinated by women from fashion magazines — to a greater extent their bright, perfectly tailored outfits. Having worked as an architect, I realized that designing clothes is my passion. But my love for sharp lines and shapes has remained, only now it manifests in suits.




Three words defining the brand — femininity, sophistication, details. Exceptional color combinations and silhouettes that live in your closet forever.

The brand is inspired by our world, because everything is art.



We do not want to produce lots of clothing, we want to complement the wardrobe. Each new collection or drop echoes the existing ones, so that each new purchase is combined with the previous one.

"Unusual color combinations, perfect cut, details and care for the environment are the main components of my business" © Ksenia.

We believe that a woman in the right blazer will conquer this world. We stand for love and individuality in everything. For women with any type of figure to wear beautiful clothes.


The brand is aspiring to a sustainable fashion. 
First and foremost it is the responsibility to oneself, the planet and all human beings. Therefore we approach the use of waste very carefully and thoughtfully, selecting exclusively high quality fabrics and tailoring so the goods last for years. 

GREEN LINE — our special limited line of accessories, decorative items and even art objects completely made of remnants of fabrics after creation of main collections. This way we recycle them instead of just throwing away thereby polluting our beloved planet. The Line was created in order to harm less the environment and to minimize the amount of waste after production.



Our own workshop allows us fully control the production process and guarantee the best quality.

Each piece of the collection from first to last is made by one tailor which provides a completely individual approach to manufacture. 
And of course, we pay special attention to the fabrics selecting the best ones.

In order to prevent the overproduction most of orders are made on demand. Also, we offer our customers the Individual Tailoring and Custom Made services - so that every single piece perfectly fit and please for years.

With love, for you! ♥️

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