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we care not only about style, but the environment. ​ here we will share our achievements and plans for the future, as we are not going to stop on this path.

Our steps toward sustainable fashion





A limited line of accessories, various decorative and art items made of remnants of fabrics after the cut. Each piece in the line stays absolutely unique in its design.

To extend the life of your favorite pants, blazers or dresses, we have created a service for an individual tailoring, repair and customization of our clothing. This is an absolute individual approach to each customer.

For several years, we have been working with trusted suppliers, as we pay special attention to the fabrics: their composition, quality and carefully check for the wear resistance. And by the year of 2025, our goal is to transfer the production to recycled fabrics.

We love and care about the animals and the environment. In summer of 2019, we have launched a social project supported by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Russia, dedicated to endangered species of animals, the purpose of which was to tell people about the danger of extinction of rare species of animals and collect donations for the Fund.


We are agains placing on the factories with low wages. We respect any work that should be well paid. Our seamstresses make clothes in a cozy workshop, in comfortable conditions.


We also try to minimize the use of paper by replacing it whenever possible. At the moment we pack orders in bags sewn from the leftover fabrics and partially switched to biodegradable bags made of corn.



It is created to grant new life for the remnants of fabrics after cutting. We decided to find a more useful implementation to them and that is how we came up with a limited line which includes interesting accessories, decorative and art objects unique in their design.


The use of all the fabrics to the very last piece, is our way of recycling. This is done in order not to throw them away, thereby polluting our beloved planet. We are committed to creating a zero waste brand.


The Line will be supplemented constantly with original accessories but not only. We plan to expend it to various decorative and art objects.


Custom made service — is a unique opportunity to buy the desired and special wardrobe piece that we're always looking for.

Absolutely any can customer is able to assemble the perfect look: change or remove a detail in the product, shorten or lengthen to their taste. Also, play with the color combinations.

We offer to use the leftover fabrics to change or remove details in the product they like, as well as fit a particular item according to each ones' specific measurements for more conscious consumption. 



Properly selected clothing can hide the imperfections of the figure as well as focus on its beauty. That is why we take into consideration individual measurements and features of each ones' shape, which guarantees a perfect fit. Such items become special and beloved ones for many years.

And, for any additional questions or suggestions we have an online consultant that is always there for help.


We stand for the high-quality and well-tailored clothing that will please for more than one season. However, over the time or after frequent wear, some pieces can get damaged. In this case, it is not necessary to throw them away or buy new ones. We can repair favorite blazers or dresses so that they continue to please you every day. 

In addition, this service benefits not only our customers, but also the environment. After all, the less we produce, the healthier our planet is.

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